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Mardi Gras Spirit Events


Mardi Gras Spirit Events prides itself on using an experienced, qualified, and diverse panel of judges at our events. Members of our panel are known in the industry for serving on judging panels for several companies including but not limited to NCA, UCA, USA, Cheersport, Jamfest, ACDA, WCA, GSSA and the USASF Worlds Cheerleading Championship.

Judging Policy:

Mardi Gras Spirit Events hires only experienced and trained judges in the industry.   We require judges to stay after every event for at least 30 minutes to answer any questions about score sheets while the event is fresh in the judges’ minds and they have access to any notes they may have made during the event.  ALL questions that a coach has regarding scores and placement will be addressed at the event (only 2 coaches – OR – 1 owner & 1 coach per team). However, judges are not required to speak with any coach and/or owner that approaches or inquires in a hostile manner. Once the judges leave an event, the scores/routines can no longer be addressed. As judges go back to their personal lives, regular full time jobs and/or other judging jobs, revisiting a previous events’ inquiry about scoring and placements days or weeks following an event would not necessarily receive an accurate response nor would it be fair to either party.  Thank You for your professionalism and cooperation regarding this matter.

Cheerleading & Dance Judges:

  • Allison Clendinin (NC)
  • Amanda Uptown (FL)
  • Amanda Winkler (TX)
  • Amber Pocernich (TN)
  • Amy Howe (OK)
  • Brad Hunt (TX)
  • Brandi Humble (SC)
  • Carrie Sellars (TX)
  • Charles Taylor (TX)
  • Christian Aleman (TN)
  • Craig Hallmark (OK)
  • Crystal Chambers (TX)
  • Crystal Purifoy (AR)
  • Cynthia Harris (TX)
  • Danita Pidgeon (TX)
  • Dave Hunt (TX)
  • Davonne Hunt (TX)
  • Dawn Herrin (MS)
  • Deb Spear (AL)
  • Denise Buzzinotti (PA)
  • Donnie Richards (OH)
  • Emily Hunt (TX)
  • Gerald McCall (TX)
  • Gina Reed (LA)
  • Hillary White (TX)
  • Jackie Bob (TX)
  • James Whitaker (AR)
  • Jeff LeForce (OK)
  • Jenna Wilkins (TX)
  • Jessica Mixon (TX)
  • Kale Bart (WV)
  • Kathy Norris (AL)
  • Kayla Wygal (NC)
  • Kim Cunningham (WV)
  • Kim Lopez (TX)
  • Kinshasa Garrett (FL)
  • Kortney Wallace (TX)
  • Lisa Day (TX)
  • Mark Bond (WV)
  • Michelle Grose (TX)
  • Mykel Jones (TN)
  • Omar Minhas (TX)
  • Pam Coburn (AL)
  • Patricia Floyd (TN)
  • Ron Ballard (TN)
  • Sandra (Grigsby) Barfield (GA)
  • Sheila Johnson (NJ)
  • Stefanie Cordova (TX)
  • Tim Gregg (TX)
  • Tori Ballard (TN)