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Stay to Play Hotel Info

As we prepare for the upcoming season, we can’t help but think of you! Words cannot express our thanks for your continued support of Mardi Gras Spirit Events over the past several years. We truly love what we do and especially love the fact that YOU love what we do! Your positive comments and feedback after the close of an event make our Mondays extra special! As always, we will continue to view our events from your perspective…keeping in mind the importance of being prompt, prepared, personable, & delivering the stress-free party-like parade atmosphere that you’ve been accustomed to. This season, we will be giving out D1 & D2 Summit, US Finals, and World bids! Please visit the dates & locations pages for the bid details regarding each event.

NEW THIS SEASON: Mardi Gras is looking forward to working with Connections Housing. They will work hard to try to find you rooms that fit your budget. We are only requiring Stay to Play at the Extravaganza held in New Orleans. Our city has become a mecca for conferences and conventions during the month of January. Therefore, we must begin Stay to Play for tracking with the Convention and Visitors Bureau in order to continue to reserve this venue annually in the month of January. ROOM COUNTS are so important due to reserving these venues year after year. COACHES PLEASE NOTE: There are guest attendees of multiple industries vying for the same hotels as you! PLEASE PLAN NOW!

Remember to keep the following in mind when planning for your event.

Our Mardi Gras Krewe is looking forward to another great season! We would like to wish all of you a very successful cheer/dance season! We look forward to seeing your new routines, fun parents, very talented coaches & athletes! Please remember to breathe in….breathe out…take planning for your season in stride! It’s going to be a great season!

Take a moment to make yourself aware of IMPORTANT FAQ’s that are listed below. See ya on the road soon!

Jeannine Sentilles
Founder & President
Mardi Gras Spirit Events
A Varsity Brand


Click below for Required Hotel Rooming Rosters:

All teams must complete this form and submit to Connections Housing – Deadline on form is 12-14-18.


CLICK HERE for Individual Hotel Reservations:


Click below for Hotel Room Block Requests:

Mardi Gras Extravaganza


CLICK HERE for Hotel Exception Form:



CANCELLATION POLICY: This can be found in the terms and conditions on Connections Housing’s website when booking your room as well as in your reservation confirmation sent from Connections Housing after booking.


Housing Policy FAQS:


Who is required to stay through our Housing Company?

Any coach, parent or athlete that is staying in a hotel is required to use Connections Housing. Gyms that are within 75 miles of the venue will be exempt unless they make the decision to stay in a hotel. You must be registered for the event before hotel reservations can be made.


What if the hotel that I’d like to stay in is showing no rooms available?

Ask Connections to put you on a waiting list for that hotel. As deadlines near, a few rooms do open up at most hotels. You should go ahead and get another room booked and then if something opens up, they will move you to the requested hotel. This is the reason for the cancellation policy. This also gives us an accurate room availability count.


What happens if a team or individual does not abide by policy?

Teams or individuals will be ineligible to participate in the event.


What if the hotel I would like to stay at isn’t showing on Connections Housing’s site?

Contact Connections Housing and they will try their best to get the hotel added to their site.


What if I would like to book a suite at a hotel?

Connections Housing will try to accommodate any housing request.


Can I book a room myself as long as the hotel is on the Connections website?

No, rooms must be booked directly through Connections Housing!


What if I have family in the area that I would like to stay with or would like to use hotel reward points?

Mardi Gras Spirit Events understands the expense that parents have with All-Star cheerleading and we would like to help in any way we can. In order to help with Stay to Play we created a HOUSING EXCEPTION FORM if you plan to stay with relatives or friends or if you are using your reward points at a certain hotel. You can find this form on our website and it must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event. Exceptions will be approved or denied in a timely manner.


If I’ve booked a block for my team through Connections Housing, does that mean I am registered to compete at the competition?

No, a hotel reservation does not guarantee your registration for the Mardi Gras Extravaganza event! You must register for the event either using your Varsity portal or completing & submitting the registration paperwork that can be found on Mardi Gras’ website in order for your team(s) to compete. Please do this as early as possible as there are limited spots available based on venue space and time allotted.


What if I’m having problems with Connections Housing; who do I contact?

If you have any problems, please send a detailed email describing your situation to