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Mardi Gras Spirit Events

They’re Talking

The Jester Jubilation was a great way for us to start off our season. It was one of the most fun competitions we have attended in the past 9 years! It felt like one big cheer party! I’ve already recommended this competition to two other programs. We’ll be back!

~Power Outlaws

This was the first time competing with this company. It was a stress-free and on time competition, it was fair and honest, and my team had a complete BALL!We will be attending this one again!

~Southern Elite AllStar Cheerleaders


Thanks for working with us to help us get registered. I appreciate the friendly staff and fair judging very much. We would like to attend this one again!

~Viking AllStars


This was our first time at the Ohio event. The girls enjoyed competing and they also enjoyed the festivities before the award ceremony. We will definitely attend this event again.

~South Gallia JH


This is a great overall competition! As always…great job! The judges’ comments…always notch! Love you guys!

~CIA – Coach Josh


My entire gym staff, cheerleaders, & parents enjoyed the fun & relaxed atmosphere. Everyone agreed that it was the most fun that they have ever had at a competition.WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! YOU ARE THE BEST! We’ll be back next year for more FUN FUN FUN!

~North Shore Cheer Xplosion


Ahhhhh….Mardi Gras! Another year of success again in 2008! This is our third year attending & we just left as happy as the first year we competed with you! Your competition is organized to a superior level!…no matter what comes up during the day, the staff responds quickly & has the answers on the spot! You are truly a one of a kind competition company! My parents thank me for taking the teams to compete with you! And I thank you for coming to California! You have fans here! See you in ’09!

Smiling in California…
~Estee Martin
Majestic All-Stars


The Mardi Gras Spirit Spectacular!!!…I loved the fun atmosphere for our kids & parents! I’d love to promote this event!

~Capital Elite All-Stars


This competition was amazing. I have NEVER gotten this sort of response from my competitors or the parents. Trust me, if you want your team to have a great time, Mardi Gras is a MUST!!

~SVA All-Stars


My cheerleaders had a blast! The staff & environment was fun & upbeat…not too stressful. Thank you for a memorable first experience! We’ll be back next year!!

~Northwest HS


We liked how you all kept each minute packed with entertainment, the costumes, & the parade! Thanks!

~Daviess High School


We liked the Nashville Bead Blowout! The venue made for a great view regardless of where you sat and the Mardi Gras staff was friendly & polite.

~Murray High School


Thank you for a good experience for our cheer & dance teams. We enjoyed the day!

~Clarksville Cheer Extreme


Dear Mardi Gras Staff,
I just wanted you to know that we had the best time EVER!!! The competition was so much fun! All of the staff were so very kind & polite. The parents also had a blast! You all made it all about the kids & that’s the way it’s supposed to be.Keep up the good work & we can’t wait to be back next year!!! Thank You so much for being so awesome!

~Pinelands Jr. Wildcats


The trophies were really nice!! I hate it when competitions drag on & wait really long in between performances – not at Mardi Gras! You all did a great job with keeping things interesting & moving in between!

~Rams – Pa


The entire competition was very FUN! Thanks!

~Unami Middle School


We loved the fun of the competition, the atmosphere & the theme. Your prices are also very affordable. We would attend again.

~All Star Rebels


Our teams had so much fun! Even our parents were dancing in the stands!! :)The competition ran smoothly & on time. It really was a pleasure from start to finish. We can’t wait until next year!!

~Rick’s All American Elite


This was our first time at a Mardi Gras event & we were very pleased with the overall organization of the competition. It ran on time & was tons of fun. The girls had a blast! Thanks so much – we’ll be back!

~Valley Elite All Stars


What a great job you have done for the kids! My daughter came home and said she felt like a star! Your competition was the best example of self-esteem, friendships, and the value of team work that can come from all star cheerleading. I rate this competition 10 out of 10! Thank You for making it about the kids.

~Danyelle Yost – a pleased parent from Rocket Elite Youth All-Stars


This is by far the best competition of the season! The staff is great, the level of competition is great and all the give aways are amazing! Once again, a job well done in Hershey!

~Williamsport Twisters


This competition was great! It had a fun atmosphere filled with celebration AND all the while running on time & staying on schedule. We will definitely spread the word about this competition.

~Maine Event Center


Mardi Gras Magic was one of the best competitions that we have ever attended. The amount of detail that went into making sure that all of the participants had fun was overwhelming! The staff was ever so pleasant & professional. The judges were fair and honest. The gifts, oh my gosh the gifts, what a great theme!Our parents, staff, & kids had the most wonderful time. Thank You so much for your hospitality.

~Bravo All-Stars – Ma.


It’s great to see a competition stay on schedule and you guys were on top of that!The day was just filled with a fun atmosphere. The girls on our team really enjoyed being there….normally competitions are more of a stressful day but Mardi Gras somehow managed to make them (and the parents) more at ease. We hope you come back to Springfield next year – our teams will certainly be there!

~Gold Medal All-Stars


I thought the awards parade was great! My team had a blast with the beads!

~All American All Stars


This was a FUN experience for everyone! We’ll attend again.

~Stars Academy – Tx


We were very pleased with the Battle for the Beads. The atmosphere was great.They parents & kids said they really enjoyed it….and they had a good time with the parade as well!

~Lone Star Athletics


We were very happy with the Party Gras competition in Mobile. Your staff is to be commended – they were very helpful. We look forward to competing with you again next year!

~Jasper Elite


I’m so glad we chose this competition! I loved it & the girls loved it! It was a great experience with no problems. They followed the schedule exactly and the flow of time from the warm up to compete was very well organized. I liked the venue, the atmosphere…I liked it all! Great job & we’ll be back!

~Diamond Xtreme – NOLA


It’s always fun to see a parade go by…..especially when your team is in it!Thanks for a great day!

~C. Erwin – JD Meisler


Dear Mardi Gras,
We just want to drop you a note to let you know how much we love coming to the Mardi Gras Extravaganza year after year. You all have such a great product! The competition is always fun & fair. Our kids always love coming to your event & if they’re happy then we’re happy! 🙂 We love you guys!

Thanks again,
~Oklahoma Twisters


Thank you! Your competition in New Orleans was our first Mardi Gras Spirit Event.
We loved it, our parents loved it and especially our athletes!
It was
N-o doubt we will be back!
Thanks again!

~Horizons All-Stars – Mauriceville, Tx


Thanks for the Jester Jubilation competition experience! It was fun for the cheerleaders, coaches, & parents! The event was on time and well run by a friendly staff. Registration was an easy process and the judges were very knowledgeable. Thanks again & we will be back next year!!!

~Coach Erika – West Lincoln Optimist


This event rates 5 out of 5 for us! The office assistance both before and after the event was great, the event staff was polite, the event ran on time, the judging was fair, and the atmosphere was both fun & stress-free. We liked everything about the Jester Jubilation in North Carolina!  We’ll be back!

~Sports & Fine Arts Center – M. LeGacy


Our junior team really enjoyed the Jester Jingle! It was a great way to
start off the season and get scored before nationals. The judging was
very fair and professional. We can’t wait for the Mardi Gras National Extravaganza!!
~Elmwood Galaxy – Coach Chris &  Coach Andrea


Thanks again for a wonderful event. My kids and parents enjoyed themselves at the Jester Jingle and cannot wait to return for the Mardi Gras National Extravaganza in January!

~Avery Wilson – MOKA Cheer & Dance


You all are very professional, organized, & the price is great. I also like that my parents could film the Jester Jingle event. I love you guys!

~Stacey Hartsell – St. Matthew School


This is the PERFECT event to kick off the season. Your events are always organized, on time, relaxed, fun, and affordable. Your staff is polite, knowledgeable, & approachable. The Jester Jam venue was easily accessible. All of this leads to happy parents & happy kids…if they’re happy then we’re happy! 🙂 We wouldn’t begin our season any other way than with Mardi Gras Spirit Events.

~Coach Katie – Louisiana Athletics


We had a great time! The Jester Jingle competition was run very professionally and on time! Our teams really enjoyed the atmosphere and it was a great way to kick start our competition season! Thanks!

~Rachael Pearson- Louisiana Cheer Force – Owner


The office staff was so helpful & polite from beginning to end. Everything at the Jester Jam was so organized & on time which made for s stress-free day!  It was wonderful – we’ll be back!

~Paige’s Dance & Cheer Studio


WE HAD A BLAST at the Jester Jam in Baton Rouge! Your company does a great job. I know many people that you deal with & you always make us feel special. Thanks for such a fun, organized, & successful competition!

~Becky Freeman – Great Beginnings


We had so much FUN this weekend & we are excited to have been part of your first Ohio competition!! It was WONDERFUL and we are looking forward to competing with you next season! Thanks for such a WONDERFUL time!

~Brandi VanDyke – Buckeye State Angels – Youth Coach


My daughter enjoyed your competition. As a parent, we enjoyed the organization of the event & the theme was GREAT FUN!

~Setys C. Kelly – Springfield, Ohio


WE HAD A BLAST!!  It was truly FUN!

~Cheer Zone – parent


We attended both your Jester Jamboree event in Dayton and Bead Blowout in Nashville. Your competitions screamed Fun, Excitement, and Professionalism. GREAT JOB!

~Coach Josh – CIA Agents


This is the second year Majestic All-Stars has attended the Mardi Gras National competition in San Jose, Calif. and we are happy to say… it was a fantastic competition once again with so much to offer each team that competed. The competition is awesome but the atmosphere is amazing and that’s a winning combination! My cheer parents were so excited their kids were part of this great event… the parents left excited as well!

I want to give a SHOUT OUT to all the Northern California All-star gyms to schedule your team to attend this competition next season. Not only is this a national competition in our area… but a competition that is like no other. It’s Fun Fun and more Fun!

I want to “Thank” the entire staff for a job well done and for making the whole event a joy from the minute we walked in!! We will be back year after year!

~Estee Martin – Majestic All-Star Cheer Gym – Owner / Coach


Hi there! I wanted to tell you what a great time we had at your San Jose competition in March! The kids are still talking about it! It was so much fun! We really felt like we were at a party!
Thank you again!

~Nancy Irving-Smith – Rebels All Stars


Hello: Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how great the Mardi Gras Competition was in Nashville this past weekend. This was our first time doing a Mardi Gras event and all the kids (including coaches 🙂 had a wonderful time. You guys have a great plan in making the day fun and exciting for the kids. The Parade was outrageous!

Thanks again for a great day and we look forward to being back with you  next year in Nashville!

~Nicole Waldron – SCA Cheerfusion – Owner


I loved the competition in Nashville, the whole atmosphere was GREAT!!!
Wonderful Competition!!!!! Highly recommend this!!!

~Amy Stillwell – South Central Athletic – parent


To the Staff: We would like to express how much we enjoyed your competition this past weekend in Hershey. Our kids truly enjoyed themselves and that’s what it’s all about. The parade of champions was a blast for kids of every age (our parents loved it too). The judges were fair, it ran on time, the trophies were great and so were the coaches and participant gifts. Thanks for providing such a wonderful event. We will definitely be back next year.

~Stacie Sellitto – Eastern X-Treme All-Starz, New Jersey- Owner & Head Coach


We once again LOVED the Mardi Gras at Hershey last weekend. Its probably the most fun competition of the season! You all did an amazing job again this year. It was our third season attending and it will not be our last!

~Deena Cooper – Williamsport Twisters YMCA – Coach


Just a quick note to say thank you to you. We appreciate that you helped us to compete against another team. We tremendously enjoyed your competition from start to finish. Our coach, Tana, was thrilled at all the help that she got….The girls were excited. It was a great way to end their year. Thanks again,

~Melanie Miller & the Upper Perkiomen High School Cheerleaders


Hello to all the staff at Mardi Gras!
First, we’d like to thank Loretta, for all your help with getting us registered and situated on time. Secondly, we’d like to thank all the staff who attended the Mardi Gras Bead Blast in Hershey, PA this past weekend You all did an excellent job. They were all friendly and very well organized. It makes things a lot less stressful on the coaches when the event staff are so together! (we GREATLY appreciate that) And lastly, we want you all to know that we have competed at over a dozen other major competitions up and down the east coast, and the Bead Blast is one of the most fun events we’ve attended. Our dancers love being in the parade.They all had such a great time. It really was a “BEAD BLAST!”

Thanks again Mardi Gras!

~GLOD DANCE – Chester County, PA


We had a great time and it was an amazing experience at Nationals this past weekend.  We will definitely be back next year at your Mardi Gras Nationals Bead Fest in Texas! Thanks,

~Jon Estes – Miss Tammy’s All-Star Co.


The Texan Stars Cheerleaders had a wonderful time in Macon, Ga. It was the Best experience that our Organization has ever had during our competitive season. We would like to thank you and your staff for making this experience so memorable for our Organization. We look forward to attending many, many, more of your Competition’s in the near future. Thanks,

~Pat – Stars Director


Safe! Fair! FUN! Our kids & parents had a BLAST in Macon! It was so much fun participating in the parade! We appreciate judges taking time to write the comments that we can learn from for future performances. This was our first year at the Mardi Gras Nationals but it won’t be the last!

~Ellenwood All-Stars – Lithonia, Ga.


WE HAD A BLAST!!!! Majestic All-stars has only been open for 5 months and to find this competition was awesome. My teams walked away asking ‘Can we come back next year’ and that says a lot. I was SO impressed with all the small things that did not get over looked. I have to say in 22 years of coaching, I truly would put this competition at the top of my list of attending each year. We will be back next year. It’s going to be the competition we end our season with every year! Thank you so much from the gifts, hats, bags and decorations. I can tell this company cares about every detail!
P.S. Your staff was awesome and let them know we walked away truly happy! A happy coach! God Bless,

~Estee Martin – Majestic All-Stars


Wow! What a fantastic event. We have attended a lot of competitions, but you guys are by far the most organized competitions we have every seen. BY THE BOOK!. My parents where so pleased they asked me why we haven’t competed with you all season. The kids had a fantastic time. It was absolutely wonderful. Your staff was helpful, fun and polite. Love the Mardi Gras men & the purple floor! Nice touch! My coaches & I had so much fun. Love the awards! The medals were so cute-how they flashed! We will be back every year. Thank You for helping us end our season with a fabulous event. I hope you host a lot more by us next year. — Thanks!

~Veronica & and all of us at Superior Cheer


It’s unique! We get a taste of New Orleans in whatever city we choose to join!The blend of your Mardi Gras culture made competition exciting & different for us! We also greatly appreciated the welcoming and knowledgeable staff.

~Premier Pumas – Franklin, Tn.


I just wanted to let you know how much fun we had on Sunday in St. Charles at your competition. Thank you for the great time! Weather and all 🙂 Take care and hope to see you again next year!

~Sarah Beck – Seckman Middle School


Just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time at your competition in California. It was by far the best competition we have attended all season. Our girls and parents had a great time!! Thank You!

~Susan Battles – San Jose Legends – San Jose, Ca.


We’ve been competing for years now & by far this was one of the most well organized & set up competitions that we’ve been to. You guys deserve a pat on the back!

~Northwest All-Stars – Houston, Tx.


Wow! It was electrifying! Thanks for an awesome time!

~Jersey Elite – Manasquan, New Jersey


Your staff was great & the theme made the experience so exciting for both athletes & parents! Mardi Gras Nationals was the highlight of our year! We are definitely coming back!

~Express Cheer – Frisco, Tx.


Win, Lose, or Draw – our kids had a blast! What a fun atmosphere & experience! Thanks & we’ll be back!

~Harrison Recreation


Our kids, coaches, & parents had a great time – the whole time! Such a rarity in competition these days! We can’t wait to do it again!

~Williamsport Twisters -Turbotville, Pa.